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"Josie is super talented, warm and fun. She even manages to get the adults dancing! :) My 17 month old has been attending her classes since she was 4 months old and we will likely attend for years to come! Thanks Josie for making music such a big part of our family." :) ~  Scarborough parent

"Josie is a true lover of children and music. She is knowledgeable, talented, engaging and fun. All 3 of my children enjoy her classes and love the variety in the Music Together® program. I highly recommend Josie’s classes to everyone looking for an interactive family musical program!" ~ Shereese

"I have been taking Music Together classes swith Josie for many years. We started when my daughter was 2 and I now attend with my 1 year old son. I love the program, the children are exposed to a wide variety of music and learn through fun play based activities. The fun continues at home with the Music Together app. Teacher Josie is also so amazing. She is kind and welcoming and my kids just love her!" ~ Markham parent

"I was told I was tone deaf when I was young, so I generally avoid singing when I can. But my son loves my singing, it was often the only thing that would help him sleep or feed. Needless to say, I would feel embarrassed if I had to sing to him when we were out, and I would try and find other ways to calm him. But he loves music, so I decided to register for Music Together in the Village. I was nervous at first having to sing, but Josie made us so comfortable and the classes became a weekly treat. Not only have I seen wonderful developments in my son and his love for music grow, but I’m singing up a storm too! And whenever I start singing and dancing my son will reach up so that he can dance with me. It’s these moments I’ll remember so fondly when he’s too big (or embarrassed) to dance with his mom. I am so grateful to Josie for creating such a safe space to be, grow and develop together." ~ Megan

"Our children have been attending Music Together in the Village classes for 3 years since they were 1 year old. We love music and Josie has a real talent for bringing out the best in children and adults with music. We sing more at home as a result of this class and that has been invaluable to our family. We also appreciate the role music education plays in brain development and can see the benefits in our three children. We absolutely love this program!" ~ Markham parent

"It is amazing to see how much my little guy loves these classes! He just smiles and bops the whole time, and just can’t get enough of Josie. She is the best!" ~ Parent

"Music Together is a great class for kids to learn the basic fundamentals of music while having a great time dancing, singing and playing instruments. Josie is a dynamic teacher who all the kids love. Her passion and love for music shines through in each class." ~ Mel

"We had an outstanding experience with Josie's music class! Our baby was 3 months when we started and the songs have become a major form of bonding and soothing for him even now as an almost 1 year old! We are excited to attend Josie's classes in the future :D" ~ Becky L.

"My daughter and I have enjoyed the classes and the music selections we learned at Music Together. Josie was an organized, knowledgeable and kind instructor who really mead you feel that she cared." ~ Parent 

"We enrolled 2 children in over 10 classes. Would definitely recommend to other families who want to introduce basic music competency to their little ones which Josie is masterful in executing." ~  Eric S.

"We have enjoyed Music Together in the Village for many sessions now. I feel that both my children have greatly benefitted from the classes in so many areas. Socially by interacting with others, musically by singing and playing instruments and linguistically by listening to the lyrics and sounds in the songs. We listen to the music at home often and have a lot of fun with the songs." ~ Parent

"Josie has changed me into someone who sings to her child, enjoys the silliness of the songs and is a believer in the power of music."  ~ Toronto parent

"Over the past 2 years I've attended 6 sessions of Music Together with my grandson who is now 3 1/2.  We both had so much fun with Josie as our music teacher. Her enthusiasm and talent kept us coming back for more.  She is so warm and kind with all the children and treats everyone like family.  I often felt like we were at a music concert listening to her beautiful voice. I will miss our sessions now that my grandson is in preschool. I know Josie will continue to bring so much joy to the families that she teaches!"  ~ Beverley L.

"I was so fortunate to be a part of the Music Together program in Toronto for three years with my two young children. We were highly impressed with the well thought-out weekly programming and the high quality music selection that came with each collection.  Our children had a repertoire of over 100 songs that they could sing and dance to before they were two years old! But even more special was the relationship our family built with our talented, and dedicated teacher, Josie. She truly is one of a kind and we feel so blessed to have learned from her and to have spent so much time with her during our children’s formative years. We have many beautiful memories of Josie and the Music Together program that we will cherish forever." ~ J. Narine

"My girls, now 6 and 2, have been enrolled in Music Together since they were very young. It is amazing to see how musical they have become at such an early age. Music Together is a wonderful program and I attribute Emma and Katie's love of music to Josie's own love of music. Always engaged and eager to interact with her classes, Josie forms a special connection with her students. That connection makes these classes a very meaningful experience for all of us, parents and kids alike. I would enthusiastically recommend the program for all young children and specifically, taking the opportunity to participate in Josie's classes." ~ Liz W.

"Music together with Josie is an experience that has been formative in my son's life. A better combination of program and teacher is hard to imagine. The program includes a fantastic repertoire of multilingual beautiful music that both parents and kids can enjoy and the teaching philosophy is thoughtfully oriented towards developing musical capabilities in a relaxed way that is age appropriate and responsive to different styles of learning. Josie, as a teacher, besides having a beautiful voice, is able to connect with kids in a warm, loving way that makes everyone (adult and child) feel relaxed and happy to be in her presence. Thanks Josie for so many wonderful classes of making music together." ~ Heidi L.

"My son and I met Josie in 2007 on our first day of joining Music Together (Charlie was 7 months old at the time). Nine sessions and three years later Charlie "graduated"  from the program.  My daughter Olivia and I are now in our 6th collection of the program with Josie and have happily changed days and locations to continue our musical journey with her. The children and I have been blessed to experience so much fun week to week with Josie and after 7 years I can see the profound influence that early exposure to wonderful music has had on our children (not to mention all the giggles, hugs and happy tears we have experienced in class together). Josie Vint is the reason why I have invested so much time (and money) into Music Together and I am forever grateful......" ~ Toronto parent

"My kids and I had the pleasure of being in Josie's classes for several years. She is such a warm person and talented musician.  Josie made every class fun and was attentive to all the children, regardless of how actively they were participating in the class (quieter children and babies get her attention too!). I also really enjoyed the mixed age class as I could take both my children (convenient), who could be exposed to infants, toddlers and young children - this was the only program my kids did that offered this option." ~ Wendy C.

"Josie is incredible. We feel lucky that she is a part of our children’s lives. Both myself and my children have learned so very much from her. As a teacher myself I’m in awe of how amazing and patient Josie is each and every week. She is incredible to say the least." ~ Toronto parent

"Josie is beyond amazing!!! She is exceptional with the children. They all adore her. (There are a lot of the same kids from winter through spring so you can really see everyone grow and develop together.). The kids are all mesmerized by Josie. She is always so positive, smiling, warm and inviting. She recognizes the growth in each individual and points it out to the class (eg. “Did you hear X sing the tone?” or “Y is shaking the eggs to the beat…). She gives tons of relevant information to parents/caregivers and always ensures that the class runs smoothly and that everyone of ALL ages (adults and kids) are engaged! Beyond that, as a teacher, I’ve learned so much about teaching/music from her!" ~ Toronto parent

"I felt Josie had a real connection with the children in the class. Even my shy middle child couldn’t end the class without giving her a hug! Josie is WONDERFUL – enthusiastic, genuine, playful and responsive to the children and adults." ~ Toronto parent

"Josie was a wonderful teacher. Totally engaging, prepared, animated, and very sensitive to both the child's and the caregivers needs. She truly is an amazing person and a wonderful music teacher." Toronto parent

"Josie is absolutely amazing! Both my mother and myself are trained teachers with a focus on early childhood and we both think that Josie is fantastic at what she does."  ~ Toronto parent

"Josie was an incredible instructor. I loved her encouragement (as I am not musically gifted at all). I loved her approach with the children. My son did not participate at all in the first session we attended but really liked listening to the songs at home. She said just to let him take it in as he wanted and it worked. By the second semester he was singing most songs in a very loud and excited way. I credit Josie with his transformation. She is exceptional - enthusiastic without going overboard. Love her!!!"  ~ Toronto parent

"Josie is enthusiastic, prepared, patient and always pleased to see her class. Her attitude rubs off on both the children and caregivers. It's delightful to be a part of a class like that!" ~ Toronto parent